Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top Ten Thursday

Top Ten signs of still over a month away but the signs are starting to arrive (amidst several late snow falls)

1. Hot dog carts are parked across the street from work again, ahh I love that smell.

2. Bubble bottles lining the shelves of Wal-mart, reminding me of moments like this

3. So far, three afternoons of such lovely sunshine I just had to sit on the patio set and bask in the warmth with a good book.

4. The itch I have to get my hands dirty and my thumbs green, the cool dirt mixed with the hot sun on my skin, the call of the colours and the smells of 'playing' out in my yard. The oregano that started regrowing by itself this spring is such a tease.

5. As the days are getting longer so are my puppy walks, my leg muscles are begging for more (especially with my new shape-ups), as well as my shutterbug muscle.

6. I've seen two parking lot fairs and I can't wait for the Ex to get here!

7. Had my first taste of BBQ at a work event yesterday, nothing like food cooked over flames to shout summer!

8. Tis the season of the Season Finale.....a bitter sweet season but in the end I'm grateful for the kick in the butt and off the couch.

9. Frappuccino's are in full promotional swing at can have them with pretty much any ingredients you want dangerous!

10. The perfect sundress day is so elusive, there have been a few but they've been a pleasant surprise....once I'm already out and dressed for colder temps.  I have a new sundress burning a hole in my closet!

Sigh.  It will come soon I suppose, but not soon enough after the spring we've had.

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