Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where does the time go

I noticed it's been 4 days since I last blogged, was trying to keep it to a 3 day gap minimum! :) But it's been so busy, and how did it get to be the middle of May already!

Had a great visit with a friend last Friday, my visits tend to go on for hours, got home late.

Spent almost every moment of sunshine last weekend in the garden, weeding, or walking the dog.  I got my pots for my container gardening, and my tomato, peppers and herb seedlings. I did manage to squeeze in an extended visit with friends after Church while waiting for hubby to finish up his ministry stuff.

Monday was off to Steinbach for my last Stampin' Up! party that I initiate.  I'm still selling and offering parties to those who want to host, but I'm not hosting any more events myself.  And of course, my Steinbach craftin' ladies are all family, or practically family, so we visit into the late hours and got home late as well. Plus Teigon was there, and I of course was caught up in getting kisses from my youngest adorable nephew.  Can you believe he's one in almost 3 weeks!

Then Tuesday and Wednesday I had some household chores to catch up on, and last night I potted the seedlings I bought on the weekend, as well as the potatoes I had already let start growing.

Tonight I'll likely be weeding as my efforts seem to have all been for naught on the weekend, and won't have time until Monday but they'll be far too out of control by then!

Tomorrow night I think I'll have to take a moment to breathe before my busy long weekend :) Enjoy some of the wine our puppy's mom keeps bringing us! (7 bottles we've received already, since April 1st!)

Saturday I have an early start, head out to Steinbach to meet my mom and sisters at 9:30 to take my mom to a tea house for belated mother's day. Then after that I'm spending the afternoon with my neices since we don't get to have a sleepover this weekend after all.  Then I come back to the city just in time for a surprise farewell for a co-worker who is moving to Ottawa.

Sunday I have to get in some grocery shopping so we don't go out to eat the rest of the week. I'll also be divying up some of my crazy oregano plant so I can share it with some friends, I certainly don't need 10 times the oregano I had last year, I didn't even use all that up! This is the pic I posted a few weeks ago, it's easily 1/3 larger now.

Then Sunday evening I'm going to be out for a nice long walk n' talk with my cuz.  I don't think we've had once since last August? There will be a lot to catch up on :) Then I'll watch my pvr'd Wipeout Canada, this is the episode Troy Westwood is finally on! Go Troy!

Monday we've got to stay around the house for a furnace cleaning appointment, but that's ok, I intended on planting the rest of my garden, got some peas and carrots I'm going to be trying out this year, yum! I'll also be making a little potted herb garden, one outside and one smaller one inside using this cool tupperware appliance I previously mentioned I'm getting.

And the busyness doesn't slow down, mother-in-law's birthday next weekend, volunteering with LOVE Winnipeg the next weekend after that, plus St. Norbert Farmer's Market opens June 4th.  Then a certain one year old boy's birthday the weekend after that.  Then Father's day after that.  And then it's almost July long weekend!! WOW! Really, where does the time go that it's in such a hurry?

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