Monday, May 30, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~ Well, the beautiful weather is on hold, but I took advantage of wearing just about every skirt and pair of shorts in my closet for the last two weeks :)

~ all my t.v. shows have ended for the season, time for some serious exercise to start happening!

~ I'm happy John Rich won Celebrity Apprentice (nothing against Marlie). I'm also glad Star Jones didn't win, yikes what a manipulator. I really don't like it when women will trample all over other women in the name of competition and being a 'strong' woman, yet then is as sweet as sugar when teamed with men. I get that some women think they have to chew people up and spit them keep up with the way males work (so I hear, I don't know any like that), but to only do it to women and then be some sweet woman around men? We had a co-worker like that, feminist at that (go figure) and she found an excuse to fire woman after woman after woman yet the men in equal or superior positions to her really liked her and couldn't see why we wanted to get rid of her. Finally managed though.

~ my seeds and seedlings are all planted, yay! and the weather is not cooperating with my schedule and the ability to spray the weeds, so I hand weeded for many, many hours over the last week. my fingers are perma-dirty and sore.

~ the Muki puppy has gone back to live with his mommy for good, shortened puppy-sitting time by a whole 30 days :( bye-bye Mukster.

~ this cold I've been fighting just keeps changing, fading, coming back, making me exhausted far too often. yuk. go away stupid virus.

~ I just realized that somehow both of my 'My Husband Rocks' shirts have a stain I can't get out. me thinks that's a sign I need a new one, since I need to keep declaring my hubby love via cute t-shirts!

~ my hubby is such a sweetie....hunted down my fav drink for me. has been looking for it for awhile and finally found it, awww thanks hunny!

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