Monday, May 2, 2011

Who let the Lori loose..... the mall?!?

All I wanted was a book and some new runners (health related stuff - more on those in a bit) but having purposely deprived myself of malls lately my eyes were on 'pretties' overload and the temptations swirled me dizzy!

A book I want....Reshaping It All....didn't get bought while on vacation after all, and was still sold out at Chapters, but I wandered the store looking for it before I asked, and of course stumbled on far too many items I would like to call mine. My preciouses.

My name is Lori and I have a journal addiction.

But I behaved.

And then the home decor section of Chapters. Oh dear. Another addiction, frames. Only really fell in {heart} with this one though.

Yet still refrained!
Then on the way to the shoe store passed one of my fav clothing stores and just loved the new spring/summer line they had...wanted most of it!! These are the ones I put on my mental (and iPhone) wish list.

Finally got to the shoe store and found the next thing on my list, but while in line I had to stand next to these pretties and good thing the price was absurd!! (which was odd, because after a price comparison at several places, this was the store with the best price on my shoes, an expensive brand!)

Sigh. My eyes may have overloaded but at least my credit card did not. I stuck to my list (other than some medicine really cheap at Wal-mart, some of Sean's fav chocolates on sale, and a b-day card) and the only splurge I caved into was this one.

Yes it's empty, I scarfed it down too fast to take a picture of my Chocolate Extreme MINI blizzard ;)

And on that note, my new pair of tools for living a healthier lifestyle.....

Sketcher's Shape-ups!!

Now, I never in my life imagined I would spend more than $30 on a pair of runners, because walking in cheap runners is just as good as walking in expensive ones. Even jogging on the treadmill has been fine in my cheap runners.  But walking 2 km a day with doggy now, and even being able to jog for a significant amount of time on cement with less pain (I've tried for 4 years to do that, but always too much pain to go more than 1/2 block, now I can do almost a full block lap!), I realized I should look into slightly better runners than my current $15 pair.
I'm also not the kind of person to so easily believe hype about a product, and really Shape-ups seemed a little too good to be true.  But then a co-worker got them, described how they worked to me and how they really DID work for her, so I did my usual, I Googled them and found it probable they could enhance my exercising. So I went and tried them on and they have a 15 day guarantee to try them out.  I was sold after 24 hours!
Not only did I immediately find I had to stand with better posture, immediately noticed muscles working that don't normally, but when I tried jogging on cement I had NO joint pain! The shock absorption is amazing! I was thrilled I could jog with minimal pain, now I can jog with NO hip or knee pain.
$60 was soooooooo worth it, I {heart}{heart}{heart}{heart} Shape-ups!!

Now to just get my Reshaping It All book for some more inspiration and motivation and hopefully this 'kicking it up a notch' I've been trying for awhile now will finally work! If only my will power I displayed in the mall transferred easily to exercise and eating!!

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Pamela said...

60 dollars?!! Where are you shopping? I haven't seen them for less than 90! I have been eyeing those shape ups but have not been willing to spend so much!

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