Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Three super powers I wish I had!
(this was also another The Choice bachelor question, but after a geeky girl's dream - comic book movie overload this last year - can't help but think about how I might be able to attain this kind of mutation)

1. Telepath would be pretty cool. Not only could I know when people are telling the truth but I could control the minds of criminals...of course to stop them!

2. Shape shifter would also be pretty awesome. Fun for practical jokes, I could look like any gorgeous woman I wanted, and they  heal very quickly! Being the klutz I am, that will come in handy! Then after I trip embarrassingly I could hide in the form of a couch while my injury quickly heals :)

3. Since I'm a big fan of storms but often not exactly content with weather in general (usually too cold or too hot or too windy, etc.) I'd like the psionic power of Storm from X-Men, ability to control all weather in a certain radius. Now that would be sweet!

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