Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reading Rainbow

I'm calling this semi-annual  post topic "Reading Rainbow" because after I came across this picture, I'm smitten with having a reading nook/happy place that looks like this!

So, I've finally finished a few books lately that I wanted to note here, my reading at bedtime has really put a dent in my book pile although it's still growing :)

Loved just as much as the Case For Christ.  Deals with what people here about Christianity today, everyone has their own skewed version, trying to make Christianity what they want it to be. Like The Divinci Code, giving credence to illegitimate gospels, which this book looks at objectively. Experts weighing in on credibility of historical texts was enlightening, but also re-verified for me the validity of the Bible and the process it went through to become. Very interesting!

Sean read this one first, it was his pick from the stack of books we bought at last year’s WCL Summit.  He couldn’t stop himself from sharing with me things he was learning every chapter so I put aside my stack of books to read this next. WOW!  Such amazing insights!  It has shown me how to get to the ‘me I want to be’, how I’m wired to connect with God, and how much I am already doing that is yielding results that I didn’t know before.  Spoke on great topics like; our purpose, restoration, worrying, difficult people, and so much more.
I have found myself working more on the best version of myself rather than working on my spiritual maturity. As the book says (paraphrased), “don’t work at trying to grow, just let the Spirit flow”.  Tapping into the Holy Spirit and letting the Spirit move me is the way I’ll become my best self.  I found myself weekly sharing insights from this book with my small group and even borrowed some sections when I was a speaker one Friday night at Recovery.  I want to read this again to make notes, but it is also a small group study which Sean and I are determined to bring to Riverwood :)

This was an excellent book to read after The Me I Want To Be, in fact, TMIWTB’s last points talked about Caleb & Joshua, and that’s where Sun Stand Still picked up!  It’s really been challenging me that the best version of me has even more powerful potential than I have ever thought.  I’ve had audacious faith in God for the last few years but this book is helping me have audacious faith in God’s plan for me as well! 
The author says if our idea of what God has planned for us isn’t intimidating to us it’s probably insulting to God! Wow! He is great at demonstrating God’s desire to accomplish in our weakness/imperfections something awesome that can only give Him glory. He uses a lot of Biblical stories to illustrate his points, several real life examples from him and his church, and he has many awesome analogies.  One in particular that stood out, and that I loved, is the image of the wave jumper.

New books on the go:

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