Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things I Want My Children To Know Someday

I stopped this 'segment' on my blog a few years ago, you know, not wanting to think of the children I wasn't having. But, now that I've let myself believe that could happen again another one of these thoughts popped into my head a little while ago.

So here's my latest 'Things I Want My Children To Know Someday'

Each human being is a unique recipe of ingredients God assembled to create us. Iingredients He hand picked and blended until they were just the perfect balance of what He wanted us to become. We may have the exact same ingredients as someone else but never in the same quantities and combinations, meant to develop in a way no one else can.  Not everyone will appreciate our ingredients, but that's OK. Just like taste buds, everyone has different likes and dislikes, that's the result of our individual recipe.  We may not mix well with brussel sprouts and we may not mix well with chocolate (not THIS recipe! *points to self*). But there will always be ingredients we do mix well with, and they will enjoy our company, and we may even make something better together than we do apart.

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