Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Three things I've done to show generosity to others:
(I watched the Choice yesterday, corny dating show, but the celebrity bachelors asked a question to help elimate, and this was one of them, I thought, 'finally! a question that could actually determine something profound!).

1. During our honeymoon we had a really awesome waitress in the hotel restaurant, we had her every morning at breakfast, so our last breakfast there we tipped her just a little more than our entire bill.

2. We took a page from my dad's book and bought supper for a couple that prayed before they ate at the same restaurant as Sean and I were eating at several years ago.

3. Sean had a co-worker a few years ago who had an unauthorized collection directly from her bank account, leaving her with no money for two weeks, so we gave her a $100 gift card to Safeway.

We both dream of the day when we can constantly do random acts of kindness like this and more!

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