Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Ten Thursday - Top Ten Apps I'm Addicted To

Ok, I realize I have a problem, I'm addicted to iPhone apps.  I can't seem to stop myself from looking at that little screen all the time! Here's a few reasons why:

Top Ten Apps I'm Addicted To
1. Pinterest - a mobile version of my addiction to cataloguing pictures/websites

2. Lose It - a calorie counter and exercise tracker

3. Daily Tracker - a daily planner on steroids! lists, check lists, calendars, distance trackers, etc.

4. Groupon - notifies me of the Groupons daily, I've already saved $55 (spent $50) on things I would have bought anyway

5. Mobile RSS - a way to quickly read my blogs I follow, with updates as soon as they are posted, and I can open full version blog if I want

6. Instagram - cool app for digitally enhancing photos, and you know how I love to do that! :)

7. Poynt - a great directory that detects your location and categorize your searches, restaurants, movies, etc.


8. Grocery Gadget - an easy tool to not only make a grocery list but track household inventory and make a list per store


9. Dragon Dictation - voice recorders are great for needing hands and eyes on something else, but a voice recorder that takes dictation and turns it into text! awesome!


10. Shazaam - you know when you are listening to the radio and love a song but can't identify it and they don't mention it? turn on Shazaam and it will identify the song and artist!

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