Monday, July 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~ it's been a few weeks to catch up on what's been going on around here. on the 22nd we took the day off to go to the Ex, but didn't know it didn't open up until 3 pm, so we went to the zoo first. it was overcast but still a really good day just hubby and I.

~ then on the 23rd I was able to babysit my nephew Teigon here at home while Tami & Kellin went to the Bomber game. cutie pie babbles a lot these days and is taking quite a few steps on his own. he likes to 'escape' when having his diaper changed and crawls across the bed as fast as he can until I grab his chubby lil' legs and pull him back to me to get tickled....that results in the cutest gurgly coos :)

~ a few days later I held a $5 sale to clear out some retired/retiring/extra crafty product, actually a lot of it is still for sale if you are interested check out the items here

~ next was the info night on the next steps for the recovery ministry I've been involved with at Church, I'm really excited about the program we're starting and how I hope to be involved. It will be a 12 step program, but not just for habits, but hurts (i.e. abuse) and hangups (i.e. anxiety, finances, eating disorders, etc.). so much potential for helping, so many things seeming to fall into place. tingles.

~Wednesday my friend came over and I've been able to finally give her the tea wreath and have a short visit. we've determined we have to spend an afternoon at the St. Norbert Farmer's Market together and then relax in my yard with some Reisling wine. Summer and hanging out with friends....the best.

~ Friday we just slept in, then I did some baking, Sean watched the Bomber game on t.v., and then we spent the evening on the downtown Keg patio hoping to see the fireworks, but decided against trying to stick it out to drive in the crowds flooding the area and thought maybe we could see them from our back yard. we couldn't, lol. but we could hear them.  we did see some though, when some neighborhood kids set them off behind the Y near our place.

~ Saturday we had brunch with some friends we hadn't seen in a really long time, especially for longer than a few minutes. it was a beautiful morning, sunny but not too hot, good food (baking from yesterday and some brunchy recipes I've been wanting to try), good conversation, a great catch up time, and it doesn't hurt they brought a fantastic present....for me anyway :)

~ we capped the long weekend off by having a spontaneous lunch with some friends from Church and had a really great visit. talked about everything from Spaceballs to bacon to house repair responsibilities. good times :)

~ there is just something about summer, the energy and life and relationships that summer blends together....rain or shine :) gotta love it!

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