Monday, July 18, 2011

Musical Mondays

Yesterday we sang a song in Church we've sung before, although it was sung in a slightly new way. We were hosting Jodi King for our worship yesterday, she used to go to the same Church as our pastor 19 years ago. I heard her first at The Lighthouse when we were checking it out because of friends who went there and loved her voice then. She's since been on the radio on the pop charts, I've heard this one I like in particular, and a few others.

I don't know if it was her, or just my mood that morning, but I felt this verse of Nothing But The Blood (Matt Redmans updated version) much more deeply.

Your blood speaks a better word

Than all the empty claims I’ve heard upon this earth
Speaks righteousness for me
And stands in my defense
Jesus it’s Your blood

I've heard a lot of 'supposed tos' in my day.
About my ex.
About bad jobs.
About love.
About motherhood.
Most of them are empty claims.
Nothing has spoken any redemption or hope into my life like the blood of Jesus.

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