Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Meditating on these things to help me turn over my food addiction/self-image problems to God. I actually wrote this right before....especially need to start taking better care of myself now.

God doesn't make trash.

Do not treat your body like a trash can.
(care about what I'm putting into it).

Focus on truth not trash.
(trash = lies spoken convincingly in my own voice).

Everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial. 
(especially helps overcome the lie I can only have self-discipline by eliminating 'bad' foods, instead need to re-learn analyzing 'beneficial').

The wise man builds his firm foundation on Christ and His promises. Trust and Believe.
(I need to make Christ the foundation for my temple, I build on that foundation by obeying, trusting, and claiming His promises).

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