Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aspiration, Not Perspiration

Ok, try as hard as I might, I can't give it up cold turkey. I can't stifle the desire to change for the better and I can't resist the need to document it, in a sequential account....otherwise known as a list. I refuse to call them goals, I call them aspirations (I know, semantics) because that feels more like dreaming than scheming and it feels whimsical not tactical. But the important differentiation to me is that I'm not out to fix myself (those tasks are an every day commitment to live the life God desires for me). Also, my life won't go into chaos trying to achieve these inconsequential aspirations, they are not to challenge myself but rather shift my heart - finding new ways to love myself and others.  So, therefore the following list is in NO WAY a resolution and I just can't help I'm getting all these ideas at New Years!

1. The One Dress Project - I had never heard of this challenge (otherwise known as The October Dress Project - ODP) but a few blogs I read have mentioned this lately and peeked my curiosity.  The basic idea is for one whole month you will build all your outfits around one single dress. You will put this dress on in some way, shape, or form, every time you get dressed. The focus behind this was to reduce consumerism, conformity, excess, vanity, and increase sustainability, contentment, simplicity, imagination. I immediately resonated with the tie in to more of God, less of me, "We must decrease so that HE can increase". So I intend to try this for one month at some point this year, there has been an additional movement inspired by ODP called the 12x12 project, and they have causes to focus on each month, with a piece of clothing they wear for that whole month. I don't plan on linking my month choice to any in particular, and I likely will not choose October - Winterpeg can get just too cold. You'll just have to stay tuned to see when the ODP inspiration hits! Good news is, I think I already have the dress, which I may slightly alter - some OPD-ers buy a special ODP dress that is more versatile, I instead may have to hit the thrift stores to accessorize instead.

2. Sew - Speaking of dress alterations, I don't care what, or how much, or when, but sometime in 2013 I want to buy a sewing machine and have at the pile of clothes I would love to upcycle or even just fix. Maybe it will even be that quilt I've been hoarding fabric for. Whatever it ends up being, I will sew.

3. Blog more - that is one thing I truly regret (in the sense that I feel a loss of) not having blogged more. Same with journalling. I am torn between taking the time to capture moments to cherish and actually living out moments to cherish. I am a very reflective (and forgetful) person, so I will try harder to bring balance to the capturing end of things this year. I find it really does help me feel grateful and appreciative of achievements.  I'm thinking a few more photo challenges or photo-a-day months are in order, possibly even start a photo blog.

4. A blessing a day (keeps the divorce lawyers at bay - lol, just kidding). Again, this one is inspiration I read in my blog-o-sphere and loved this idea of blessing my spouse with small thoughtful gifts. I used to do the 30 Day Honor Hubby Challenge (that frankly left me feeling a little stretched after 3 years), but this idea of just a couple of weeks is doable. I likely won't do it for Christmas, but I'm thinking the week before and after his birthday, which also coincides with Thanksgiving will be the perfect time.

5. Project Minimalization -there are a couple of facets to this idea of becoming a minimalist. First, to purge the clutter, things that have gone unused in a few years clearly have no their current state. I intend to go through unused items, boxes, rooms even, and free myself from items that I no longer use or cannot find an alternate use for. I have already re-purposed some items from my disassembled craft room to create storage elsewhere, and I hope to continue along this trend so I can also be free of purchasing new stuff I really don't need.

And that's it! See, doable, right? ;)


Pamela said...

Love your list! I am eagerly awaiting your ODP results--so fun! I also hope to read from you more this year...I miss your posts. Cheers to a new year!

Missy Ardinger said...

I enjoyed reading your inspired me to do the same kind of thing. I also wanted to let you know that I was reviewing some comments on my blog from a couple years ago. I was doing well with my weight loss - I am back on track now! You posted a couple of comments and I don't think I ever responded to them, but even now - looking back - they have inspired and encouraged me.
Thank you so much and God Bless you!

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