Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artificial Intelligence

Think of the process of humans creating robots. Did you know the concept of a robot (automata) has been in mythology since ancient cultures? The first design was by al-Jazari in 1206 (ish) and he inspired Leonardo da Vinci's next step in robotic design in 1495.

We weren't satisfied with the first result. We wanted them more and more human like, and so that's been an endeavor for hundreds of years. Whether for them to be in our service, or some an attempt at a 'better' peer, the pursuit is ongoing. Even our fiction has a genre for finding ways to bring life to inanimate objects, stories as old as Pinocchio, or as recent as AI or I, Robot.

So, if we do it, why wouldn't God? Why wouldn't He want to create something more than a robot? Want to be more than a puppeteer? Want something closer to Him?

An all powerful God has 2 choices, essentially robots or something in His image - with the freedom to choose. It must take a lot of strength to hand control over to imperfect beings.

A good and loving God only has one choice. That's the only way His creations could truly become His family. His ultimate goal for His creation.

We can't have it one way sometimes and the other the rest of the time. 'He can control the evil people but not me.' We would call that God manipulative. Mostly because we would believe our choices are not bad, but God would have a different opinion. The only good and fair thing to do is allow all of us to have complete control of our choices all the time.

To me, it is artificial (or, bogus) intelligence to blame God for the results of our collective choices. Why don't we blame the psycho with the gun killing children? Why don't we blame satan for influencing our world so negatively for his own warped validation needs? Why do we ask instead where the all powerful God was, implying He is not all powerful.

He's the Father, watching His children put their hand on the stove top over and over again, and weeping.

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