Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's on the Table Tuesday

Here are this week's 5 meals, one of each meat type, with some additional notes to add to what I've already mentioned in my meat breakdown:

Monday - Turkey
Well, I really did my best not to do anything on vacation last week, including meal prep, so one of my easy meals is going to be on Monday night this week. I'm making Sweet Asian Chicken Salad Sandwiches with leftover turkey on croissants, yum!! I'm into my second week of turkey leftovers, but I ain't complainin', I love turkey!

Tuesday - Pork
Apple Onion Pork Chops is one of my easier recipes, but I think this will be the last time I'm making it, well making it this easy anyway. I'm more conscious of the processed food I'm using, so there are far too many ingredients on apple sauce and onion soup mix than I care for these days, I'll likely make my own apple sauce and herb/onion mix to use next time. Plus I'm trying to almost eliminate pork from my diet, so I think I may switch out pork for lamb, which I think I've found a place to buy it locally at not too hefty a price.

Wednesday - Beef
Another variation of this casserole, Homemade Mac & Cheesy Burger Bake, with a 'hamburger helper' spin on it. With ground beef I add mushrooms and extra cheeses to this casserole, combining it all the night before and then just needing to bake it before we run out the door for our Wednesday nights out. I'm also trying to find a substitute for 'condensed soups' that so many casseroles call for, I think I might have found something...I'll let ya'll know if it succeeds!

Thursday - Chicken
I've been craving Chinese lately so I'm excited a stir-fry falls into my recipe plan this week ;) Spicy Peanut Spring Stir-Fry is my indulgence this week, and it doesn't even take a lot of time, not that I have to save it tonight. 

Friday - Pork
Yes, we're having pork again. Which, yes, I did just say in this very blog I'm cutting back on pork, but due to an elimination diet/cleanse I'll be starting Nov. 1st, I had to shuffle pork out of those few weeks all together, and replace it with other meals that would fit into the restrictions, so I'm having double pork this week. Well, partial pork, it's mixed with ground turkey for this recipe, The Italian Job. A one dish meal, this time I'm going to try stuffing the recipe into extra-large pasta seashells, we'll see how that turns out.
Here is the host blog of Titus 2sdays, a great place for house-wifery and godly woman(wife)hood!

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Amateur Cook said...

A nice well rounded meat menu there. Goodness knows if you ever include venison recipes.

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