Saturday, October 1, 2011


it was a really challenging week...

getting 5 days of work done in 2.

dealing with a doggy with poop issues too disgusting to get into.

trying to squeeze in personal appts. before the volunteering started on Wed. afternoon, a fast food lunch was the best solution for sustenance, until I chose a McDonald's across from a highschool at 12 noon. never.again. never.

some physical labor to get the many, many, many boxes of resources for the Global Leadership Summit from our Church to the GLS site.

some fun setting up the 'book store' at the GLS site, working with Sean at this was a glimpse at our dream of opening a bookstore/coffee shop. and browsing the books I wanted ahead of time....dangerous :)

in the hour we were home between setup and our busy Wed. evening we had supper and said good-bye to Mr. Muki puppy, as his momma could take him back indefinitely. we're not sure if she'll need us to take care of him again, but he is gone for at least a few weeks. it was hard to say good-bye to the little guy, even with that issues that morning and yellow stains I now have to pay to get out of my carpet. it was hardly his fault we know, can't be easy being away from your home and mum for so long.

then all Wed. evening prepping for Friday night, a new weekly schedule that will continue as of this week.

Thursday started out earlier than work, being at the GLS for 7 am. right away, my reputation for responsibility with my leader on Friday nights led to becoming our Lead Pastor's runner in addition to being a greeter. that was great because I had to be in the sessions with him to do whatever he needed, so I got to listen to every single session,  how awesome was that!

Thursday night, a bit of relaxing after a quick supper, then to bed early for another early morning of 7:15 Friday morning. Another day of running around and smiling pretty, bought some great books, heard some great sessions. Then leaving a bit early because our Friday night was just a few hours away and needed setup as well.

Sean had been able to get away from the GLS to setup most of the physical stuff, but we still needed to spend from 5-7pm preparing, then our evening ran until 10 pm. 

A long, challenging, emotional, tiring, but mostly awesome week.

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Pamela said...

I love weeks like that. Well, not the poop part but you know what I mean. :)

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