Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Truth-Full Tuesday

This is actually an insight I was blessed with 2 weeks ago and forgot I was going to blog, but alas I was luckily reminded and now I can share :)

It was after I had spent the day at my nephew's 2nd birthday party, I was driving back to Winnipeg from Altona, thanking God for the wonderful day he had gifted me.

I was reflecting on the moments I was able to spend with each niece and nephew, reveling in the fun we had, each smile I was able to get, the moments they didn't want me to let go of them, the silliness, the love.

They weren't perfectly behaved the whole time but at the end of the day I didn't think about those moments, in fact I could hardly recall them. No, I was completely and totally blessed and more in love with those kids at the end of the day.

And then God whispered to me, 'that's how I feel after I get to spend time with you.'

We get so hung up on ways to be more spiritual rather than just spending time with God. Would the kidlings rather read letters from me or be with me?  Would they rather be hearing their moms talk about what I'm like or hang out with me themselves?  Do they try to first be perfect, or when with me just worry about behaving? Nope. Definitely not. They just want to get the most from being with me they can.  Do I get consumed about bad behaviors, either anticipating it, or let it end our time together? No, I speak into those moments truthfully as they happen and move on. And then barely remember them because I'm basking in the awesome time we just shared.

How awesome is it to know God feels that way about me.

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