Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small Blessings

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make me feel the most blessed. Here's a few recent 'small' blessings.

~ learning about myself through my small group, discovering we share strange hang-ups and having that 'me-to' aha moment!

~ 3 hrs on the road, just me, the highway, good tunes and God.

~ a chance to play with each niece and nephew individually, and collectively....and have them beg to play more!

~ still being able to jump on the trampoline and have fun at the age of (almost) 35 :)

~ staying out later than planned but a conversation about God and ministry and how the Spirit works and awesome books just was too good to end.

~ feeling my newest nephew move around in the womb...can't wait until you join us in a few weeks lil guy!

~ a visiting co-worker from another office who empties out the dishwasher and puts the dishes away, because I've been far too busy this week to do it yet.

~ Reading a book that seems to speak directly to what I need to hear, and did the same thing for hubby. I wonder if it will work that way for everyone?!

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