Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's on the Table Tuesday

Well, for some reason my last week's Table Tuesday didn't post, and disappeared all together! So, I'll do two weeks at once.  These two weeks are a little different anyway, I'm on an elimination cleanse/detox meal plan to kick start my new health plan. No starchy or gluten carbs, no dairy, and no sugar, no soy, and eating 'clean' foods in general. It hasn't been as bad as it sounds :) I actually have a seperate post about how easy it actually was....and more about health in general.

So, without further ado, here are this week's 5 meals, any side dishes were for my hubby who doesn't need to follow this detox :) Meats are a little mixed up, not exactly the original 'one type per week' I originally started with but these were the recipes that worked with my detox.....and as usual with some additional notes to add to what I've already mentioned in my meat breakdown:

Week One

Monday - Turkey
This was an easy one, I threw roasted turkey leftovers into a yummy salad Sensational But Simple Salad , minus the dressing. I put on a mango chipotle dressing instead, which was fabulous.

Tuesday - Seafood
Curry Seafood Steamer is a yummy meal chalk full of veggies to fill me up instead of carbs. I didn't eat the potatoes, and eliminated the scallops as 'bottom feeding' seafood is also recommended in the book I'm basing most of my detox on, but I just can't live without shrimp!! :) And curry is a great flavor to add so I don't miss sauces like soy sauce, hoisin, teryaki in my stirfry.

Wednesday - Beef
Spanish Rice with Beef is also an easy recipe to change up just a little to make work. I used beef tenderloin strips to eliminate fat, I took out the corn as it's a very starchy veggie, and I replaced it with red peppers.  For hubby I served with brown rice but I added it to cooked lentils for me and I actually loved it! My first time having lentils and I'm sold.
Thursday - Chicken
Lemon Dill Chicken doesn't get any easier than this, especially since the same sauce ingredients are awesome to bake potatoes and asparagus in.  I of course skipped the taters but was really happy with my chicken and asparagus, barely even missed them.

Friday - Seafood
Yes, we're having fish again, because I've ditched pork (mostly) during this detox as well. I found this Creamy Pesto Fish  recipe in a Kraft magazine and have been itching to use it, now's a great time because mayo isn't dairy!! Me loves the pesto sauce. I served this over rice for hubby and then served us a side of some green peas.

Week Two

Monday - Chicken
Skillet Rosemary Chicken because I'm in love with how organic the picture looked in the magazine :) It was just as pretty when I made it last night, and delish! I subbed fresh rosemary for basil, still a great combo. For more substance I added asparagus again.  I'm really into the lemon, potato, asparagus combo, can you tell?

Tuesday - Seafood
Tuna Cakes were a bit of a treat, the panko in it is technically 'illegal' but it's made with rice flour and so I count it as gluten free :) And I don't add the full 2 cups. But the counter balance is all the protein! Tuna and eggs...and again I throw in some curry to avoid sauces, and ate it with some left over peas while hubs served it over some rice as well.

Wednesday - Beef
Hearty Hamburger Soup  is on the menu tonight, going to stew in the crockpot all day because we've got like 20 minutes to eat tonight! No potatoes in this one, but mom sometimes added pasta/rice instead, I've got leftovers of both (since I can't seem to get used to cooking in proportion for one) so I'm going to add some to Sean's bowl but not mine.

Thursday - Turkey
I found a recipe that I actually haven't made digital yet, but it's a turkey breast crusted with nuts...I think I'll use cashews instead of the hazelnuts it calls for, and then it's baked on lemon slices. I think I'll bake potatoes and asparagus on the lemon slices while I'm at it.
Friday - Pork
My one little pork cheat, bacon! Doing a simple bacon and eggs meal tonight.
Here is the host blog of Titus 2sdays, a great place for house-wifery and godly woman(wife)hood!

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