Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you don't know me by now

So, one of my first rebellions against getting 'old' was getting a tattoo and another one I've been contemplating since is some pink hair.  Well, I finally went for it!

That was actually in August, but I've been tempted to try even more dramatic pink since...maybe.  I have this side of me that itches to be wildly spontaneous and care-free with an equally itchy side of insecure and calculated detail-obsession.

Recently I stumbled across a blog of a woman who I at first observed as a heavily tattoo'd free spirit, and then came across her scrapbooking section. Huh? Only for a second was I befuddled before I realized I am a tattoo'd scrapbooker! LOL.  I sometimes have this view of myself, of this mousy wall flower, especially when I say I like scrapbooking and crocheting....if you google renowned scrapbookers you would see they are typically not ladies you would suspect have tattoos.

That got me thinking about other things in my life that seem a little unreconcileable to those who might label me based on one aspect of my life. Some of my personalities may overlap but you could see one side and then be completely blind-sided by one of my others. Of course, I don't have multiple personality, I'm just well rounded ;)

The Nerd                            The Bohemian                
Accountant/Admin                       Nomadic - love travelling                          
Author wanna-be                         Love whimsical clothing      
Hyper-organized - color coding     Tattoo'd                             
5-page budget spreadsheets          99% cosmetic-free             
Love a nice pant suit                    Eclectic creativity               
Sci-fi shows/movies fan                Musicality                         
Crime or Medical drama fan         Frugal - minimilist wannabe
Know my techy stuff                    Motto: Love & Be Loved   
Read-a-holic (fiction & non)         Dream: Live off the land
Librarian childhood aspirations      Create things from scratch
Addicted to iPhone & laptop         Care for God's creations                
Video game player                       Passion for justice ministries

The Country Girl Next Door     The Girly Girl
Most comfy in jeans & a T                Pink! (well all colours of the rainbow really)
Country music has most heart            Shoes - high heels
Love to cook & bake                         Sparkles & Glitter
Animal lover                                     Dream: magazine worthy house
Nature lover/outdoorsy                      #1 gift - spa & pampering
Hometown spirit/loyalty                     Art Galleries & Museums
Love time with family                        Painted fingers & toes
Goes to football games                       Shop-a-holic
Hangs out with hubby's buddys           Prefer a glass of sweet white wine
Wears an apron                                 Sunset roses my fav flower
Scrapbooks & crochets                      Love me some sundresses & skirts
Not afraid to get dirty                         No less than 5 purses in the closet       

Does anyone else feel they are sometimes several people inhabiting one body, am I an enigma (haha) or are all women crazy like this :)

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