Friday, November 25, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday

So there is a new blog-post inspiration making it's way around my bloggy friends, and I like it! I need an easy post idea these days :)
The premise is to dig through some old pics you may have forgotten about, on old memory cards or hard drives, maybe pictures that stayed digital - never were printed (which is almost all of mine!).  Since I don't keep mine on memory cards, always download them monthly if not sooner, so I just picked the year 2006 to go through because it was before I was on blogger and facebook, and likely some people haven't seen them :)

First, our pictures to Louisiana, we drove down to the Gulf of Mexico where it still looked like this one year after Hurricane Katrina.

I bought a really nice new camera that year and it had a timer so I did my own 'photo shoot' :)

And these are our Christmas photos that year...Sean not wanting to cooperate as usual, so I put the kitty on his lap to get a smile, at least I didn't get a scowl.

1 comment:

LaughingLady said...

Love those self-portraits! And all the memories going through old photos bring back!

Thanks for playing!

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