Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

For many reasons, as well as lame excuses, my determination to get healthy again was undermined and derailed by life. BUT, the important thing is I keep getting back up, dusting myself off, re-evaluating and starting all over again with new determination.

My plan back in the summer, from all my inciteful reading, came down to "I now know that being physically healthy is also part of being healthy mentally and spiritually as well. AND I don't have to deprive myself, just discipline myself." I was building self-control, so I'm building on that, cutting back unhealthy things I won't miss, and finding really tasty food that is healthy to have instead of my default sugar and salt.  Also, to get back into being more active. I mentioned I did lose about 3-4 lbs and luckily stayed there through the crazy fall I've had, but starting again I knew I wanted to start off with a bang.  Even though counting calories worked for me at first, it just isn't cutting it anymore. And, I'd love to not have to count calories the rest of my life.  I hope with forming a habit of self-control and discipline I can stop.

Many reliable weight loss programs start off with a detox/cleanse of sorts, and Dr. Oz recommends if you have a hard time cutting back on carbs (a carb addiction) you should abstain for at least a week to kick the habit. So I created my own detox/elimination meal plan based on the Maker's Diet book I read. In addition to that info I found a challenge for 21 days on Pinterest that I just knew I had to take up.
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

And no Starbucks! I have a whole album of motivation there on Pinterest 'Love my body, not my image', and 'My stomach is not a wastebasket'....there's lots of great nuggets that push my self-control buttons!

But anyway, back to my detox/cleanse/elimination meal plan.  For 21 days I eliminated a bunch of foods that have some ties to weight problems, health problems, and mess up your body with toxins, unbalanced hormones, insulin levels, etc., and to start from a 'clean slate' so to speak.  No starchy or gluten carbs, no dairy, no processed sugar, no soy, and eating 'clean' foods in general. Reduced pork and bottom-feeding seafood. Seems like I've cut out just about everything but you'd be surprised how much I have enjoyed food and been filled over the last few weeks.

Here's a few glimpses of what I've enjoyed eating over the last few weeks.

Breakfast I did a protein shake with coconut milk and water only, but the protein powder is vanilla flavored and it tastes like yummy milk basically.  I'd also add a fried egg in coconut oil, what a delish combination. I heard a weight loss tip that promotes eating a lot of protein in the morning and so that's why I chose this.

For lunches I mostly had turkey in my own dressing (roasted red peppers pureed with a little mayo) or tuna with red curry and mayo, over spinach.

Then in between meals I'd munch on celery with Almond Butter, that I made myself!

And a lot of yummy fruits.
Suppers I had a lot of food I normally have, just no potato, pasta or rice on the side. And I love my bullet, because making my own sauces/dressings in it were so simple, no preservatives or unwanted ingredients to worry about but still a yummy and simple sauce. I posted my supper recipes here, but here are some photos.

Lemon Dill Chicken

Skillet Rosemary Chicken (Basil substitute)

 For night snacks I ate frozen, where have those been all my life....and a variety of unsalted, unroasted nuts other than peanuts.

The third week I could add in sweet potatoes, so I made my safeway-rip off Hearty Homemade Tomato Soup for lunches, minus the dairy.

However I got the flu and ended up eating mostly nothing for 2 suppers, I had left over hamburger soup from last week, but finally felt up to cooking on Thursday, when we had this for supper, I love my grill and Acti-fry! The sauce on both the chicken and veggies was pureed apricot, balsalmic vinegar, honey, and just a bit of mango chipotle kraft dressing for kick. All fried in a little coconut's my own version of Tropical Chicken. Yum!  I've come to realize I can alter a lot of my fav recipes.

And, what do I have to show for all this? Well, it sure motivated me to make the most of my activeness, why waste all that hard work just to grow fat cells on the couch, so I started waking up early again doing weight lifting and pilates, and getting in some good prayer time in between sets. Also increased my walks on the treadmill again - which I am really loving again as well.  I took greater care of my body in general, valuing other ways to take care of my body externally and internally, better sleep, vitamins, skin care, etc. I actually received a couple of months worth of U-Weightloss vitamins from a friend who can't take them afterall and didn't want them to go to waste! Weightloss plan pills for free, yes please!

I also hardly crave the junky food anymore. Honestly you wouldn't believe what I've had to face since Nov. 1st! I forgot I'm in a cookie of the month club (fundraiser) so 2 batches of homemade delicious cookies in the house. And my sense of smell has miraculously turned off, because I was able to crunch on my celery and apple happily while my whole office ate pizza under my nose. Then more fantastic baking at the Wednesday night financial course (every participant at each table takes turns bringing something). The Christmas lattes are back at Starbucks now (they are a particular weakness). It's funny, I gave up sugar for lent 2 years ago and mid-way through I was going crazy but I guess different motives = different results, because I really haven't been all that tempted. 

And what about weight loss? Well, there was a bit of that too :)  I lost 7-8 lbs. I'm floored that's how much I lost actually, never thought it would have been that significant.  I'm not going to rest on my laurels though, I know some of that weight may come back on, the pendulum swung far because of how different my actions have been, but it will swing back a little once I am not eating that way 100% of the time.  But this whole experience has fuelled me not to fall back into the same old bad habits. I've said that before, but I never focused on the majority of my diet being healthy, it was all about low calories and burning calories so I could eat more calories. This time I think I'm going to keep up this meal plan 2 days per week, and also have a vegetarian meal once per week, but even though I'm allowed to eat anything I want the other 4 days of the week I'll still be disciplined about choosing healthier options and everything in moderation. I'm determined to remember how good healthy food has tasted, how good having strength and energy feels, how I haven't felt deprived and so I don't need to turn to food and laziness for rest or reward. I am at my lowest weight since about 2001 1 lb :) But I am taking every victory and running with it!

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Pamela said...

I'm glad you elaborated on what you DID eat because I was looking at that list thinking...what in the world has she been eating???!

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