Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In the Big Leagues

Have you ever felt like you were in a situation way out of your league?

I have spent a great amount of time in the last few weeks (good distraction) preparing for just such an event. I can't even recall, and am too lazy to look up, if I've mentioned here before the link between our Friday night Celebrate Recovery group and a movie set for release this Spring, Home Run. The movie was basically written as a recovery story, but even more specifically, a Celebrate Recovery story. I was privileged to see it last summer at the CR Summit I went to, and they asked for the help of CR's across America to get the movie into mainstream theatres.

My official leadership capacity at CR, above leading small groups for women, is the Assimilation Coach, responsible for all things promotion & resource related. So, it fell to me to promote Home Run. The Home Run promotions team did a great job helping me out with step by step instructions, but they also then offered the chance to pre-screen the movie to a small audience of local influencers who could, in turn for their free viewing, generate about 50+ purchased tickets when it hits theatres. The goal is to get at least 1000 people in Winnipeg committed to buying tickets.

So, as excited as I was about being able to show a pre-screen of the movie, that meant getting in touch with, inviting, following up with, and eventually schmoozing with some of Winnipeg's most influential people. That included pastors, other recovery program directors, politicians, CHVN Program Director, chaplin for all 3 of our professional sports teams, even a Goldeyes player! Pun intended, I felt like I was a little league player, playing in the big leagues.!

It was quite stressful trying to put together an event that would impress them, above and beyond the movie. And of course, the best laid plans.....!  I was scrambling to the last minute last Saturday, trying to pull it all together in a meaningful way. And I was so busy that I forgot to take any pictures!! Arg! You know it's bad when I don't have time to take any pictures. I did not, however, get any panic attacks, pull hair, go grey, or any of that fun stuff, so I guess it went well :)

Here's a run down of our pre-screen event Feb.9th, 2013:

425 printings of various resource pamphlets
70 movie posters printed
50 autographed photos of Christian Goldeyes player Andrew 'Ace' Walker (that didn't show up until Tuesday after event)
40 movie snack packages (chips, nibs, water)
23 volunteer shirts & merch (10 of which still haven't shown up)
22 out of 31 guests arrived
14 amazing volunteers
9 Door prizes
1 screen and 1 blu-ray player that didn't get installed until less than 24 hours before the screening!

Phew! I am so glad that is over and now I can just do more behind the scenes stuff that I am WAY better at! Like our new Facebook page, If you have yet to hear about this great movie, check it out for trailers and all sorts of details and updates.

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