Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Ending

First one loss.

Now another.

In 2 months Sean hasn't been able to draw in enough support for the job at Youth For Christ, so they have essentially removed the offer, to be fair to Sean, to not keep him in limbo. We aren't quite sure why the timeline we thought we had was shortened. We're not quite sure they are saying no new support has come in when people have told us they've sent it. All we know is they intend to send a letter to donors this week sometime. We have a few days to fight for this. Maybe a few days.

I am a loss.

We've tried so hard to be sure we're asking God for his guidance and following his leading before we make these huge decisions.

We've made or been willing to make sacrifices, releasing our need for control, our need for so much financial security.

We've become dissatisfied with a life in pursuit of upgrading, now our pursuits of a life full of more meaning are unsuccessful.

What do we need to do if not that?

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