Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Pain of Loss

As life marches on we find more and more people in our community circles dealing with very difficult and painful things. Loss of relationship is one that is getting more frequent, whether it is loss through death or loss through seperation/divorce. I am saddened by how often I hear the word divorce increasing amongst people I care about, I can't begin to imagine the pain behind that kind of decision.

But if there is one thing I've learned about pain, it changes you. It can change you for better or for worse, but you will change. It would be so helpful if we could instantly get paired with someone who has walked that road before us and survived, if they could come along side us and help us realize we'll be ok, and help us choose the changes that will be good for us. I have a friend going through a seperation right now and I feel so unhelpful.  I have very little experience with the ending of a committed relationship. I can't offer what I don't have and don't even know she needs.

Fortunately, there are people who have come out of the other side of loss and have found a life full of hope there, and they want to share that hope with others. They volunteer Friday nights at our Church in DivorceCare and GriefShare. I don't often promote my recovery ministry here but I wanted the word to get out past our Church walls about these 2 programs in particular because they only run for 2 sessions each year, rather every week like the central recovery program, and they are both beginning October 12th until January.

If someone you know is hurting, and experiencing loss in their life, make sure he or she knows about these vital support resources. It might just be the best thing you could do to help!

Celebrate Recovery Winnipeg: Divorce Care & Divorce Care for Kids: STARTING OCTOBER 12 @ CELEBRATE RECOVERY - DIVORCECARE is a weekly support group for people who are separated or divorced.
Celebrate Recovery Winnipeg: Grief Share: STARTING OCTOBER 12 @ CELEBRATE RECOVERY - GRIEFSHARE is a weekly support group for people grieving the loss of someone close.

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