Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Have I used that title already? Lol. Seems familiar, but of course this is a cycle of life that likes to revisit often.

For someone who doesn't have children I find it odd (and a little worried for the future) that this 'back to school & sports' time of year that keeps everyone else so busy, gets SO busy for me. In between the increased opportunities to hang out with family, the relaunch of Celebrate Recovery, prepping for being a team lead for Global Leadership Summit volunteers, work getting busier again, I am feeling a bit wiped and not seeing much relief until November.

In addition to all that we do have a 'back to school' element this year too, Sean begins his once a week evening courses tonight, and that will go on through to next June, just not sure if it will always be Wednesdays the other semesters. Next year he will have even more evenings away at school. Which will be interesting, because evening courses begin at 6 pm, I only pick him up around 5 pm, we get home somewhere between 5:15-5:30, and then he has about a 30-40 minute drive to school. Looks like the best plan is to leave him with the car downtown and I bus home so that he gets there on time, because I don't want him to have to bus home after from that remote location, he'd probably only get home at 11 pm-ish.  Fun. His supper on Wednesdays is another thing we have yet to figure out :/  But, those are small sacrifices to make considering he is finally on the road to doing something he will love. That makes us both much happier people :)

Then there's the almost instant shift in weather when September hits, the sunshine and vitamin D start diminishing as does my energy. Not to mention the cold that we've been fighting for a week that doesn't make for good quality sleep. I resorted to taking a gravol last night to hopefully keep me 'under' all night and I do feel quite a bit more rested today.

And of course, the emotional element wants to come out and 'play' too. We've been a little consumed with struggles that some friends of ours our going through, and we of course wouldn't want to be anywhere else but along side them trying to support and encourage them, it's just gotten a little complicated and then of course emotional. I also happen to be preparing to give my testimony again this coming up Friday, and so I've been re-writing it a little to update it, but of course that means rehashing those old emotions. I've become much better at that, and I see things with more clarity even from this time last year, but it's hard to let go of things I held onto to just get me through recovery. I know I'm more healthy now for knowing but emotions don't listen to logic very well :)

So yeah, I'm a little wiped. But, life marches on and so I take a little rest (mostly from blogging, sorry!) and carry on.

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Pamela said...

Aahhh...September. Good times! Feel better soon and good luck with the logistics - it will all work out.

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