Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Ten Thursdays

So I'm doing fairly well on my break, most urges to do stuff I quell successfully :)  A few exceptions for some important things, but I'm happy to report a top ten list of things I am doing that are NOT goal oriented :)

1. A week long stay-cation that accomplished just about nothing.

2. Christmas shopping, gotta LOVE an excuse to go shopping!

3. Playing with mindless (but fun!) applications on my new iPhone.
4. Babysitting my teeniest nephew, yay!

5. Lots of time with friends during the whirlwind engagement/marriage of a last 2 months went to her social, shower, stagette, wedding, and then one last girl's night out with the gang while an out of town friend was still around from the festivities. Fun, fun, fun!!

6. A FABULOUS fall foto-shoot with a great photographer! Who can complain about a beautiful autumn day saunter, cuddlin' and smoochin' all the way and then some awesome pics to show for it!

7. Taking majestic sky photos that are just so awe-inspiring, I can't help myself, especially since my phone can take the pics and upload them to share every where I go!
8. Reading blogs, and resisting temptation to write them (until yesterday that was :)

9. Starting to plan a vacation to Las Vegas next year!

10. Creating the perfect butt groove on my couch ;)


LaughingLady said...

Well done, my friend! Well. Done.


Pamela said...

eek! iPhone + Las Vegas + butt groove = a jealous cousin!!

~ L ~ said...

yeah, this is much needed :)

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