Friday, November 15, 2013

Rejoice All Ways

So apparently I'm not lacking in hope.

Not lacking in love.

Not lacking in faith.

And not even lacking in joy.

That one is likely surprising given my last 2 posts.

But nope. Joy - check.

I am so filled with joy from the super awesome friends God has blessed me with, they speak and pour life into me. Constantly. They are a fountain, my fountain.

I am so filled with joy for the relationship I have with my amazing husband. I'm not sure how it can get any better, yet I'm sure it will.

I am so filled with joy for the love I share with my tremendous family. I can't, and don't, get enough of them.

I am so filled with joy for being able to hear and feel God, and relate to Him.

I am so filled with joy in anticipation for the life I know waits ahead of me.  That He has in store for me.

I am so filled with joy for the bountiful blessings God has poured out onto my life right now, financial security, warm home, safe car, etc.

I am so filled with joy for the opportunity to serve in a life restoring ministry, where I am able to facilitate and often just observe God's transforming power.

I am so filled with joy for the community of Christ-followers I belong to. I can't imagine life without their words, prayers, encouragement, support.

I am so filled with joy for co-workers who are so fun but also take the time to know what really matters to you. When it's hard to be at work, it's not hard to be around them.

I  am so filled with joy every time I see the sky display fantaburrifical colours and lights in such perfect, awe inspiring artistry, it takes my breath away.

I am so filled with joy when my cats put themselves in my path, making it very hard for me to ignore their pleas for cuddling and affection, especially when the cute chirps and rumbly purrs start.

10, 000 reasons for my heart to find.

I am so filled with joy.

In just about every way possible.

I am SO joyful.

So why is it that I am having trouble seeing past this one unjoyful circumstance?

A story comes to mind. One my cousin relayed from her pre-marital counseling. The Pastor showed them a blank white page that had one small black circle on it. He asked them what they saw. They saw the small black circle. He asked what else they saw. They searched hard for other blemishes on the page but could not find any. He then asked if they saw all the white on the page?


The spot always gets the attention.

The messy spot.

The painful spot. 

A spot going nowhere soon...enough. 

So. It's up to me to intentionally focus on the white. So I can rejoice always, in all circumstance.

1 comment:

LaughingLady said...

That is such a good object lesson and it is SO true of where our focus always goes!

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