Thursday, November 14, 2013

Any such thing as too much hope?

I feel like my heart is a balloon.

And hope the breath that fills it. 

I am naturally a very hopeful person, so that balloon was filled from day one. It has had it's small leaks, but it has floated along in life, sailing on the winds God gave me. 

After a big leak, God patched me up and filled be with hope again, and I learned how to stay away from places that punctured me, robbed hope from me, and I learned how to stay afloat high in His sky.

And as I floated higher I was filled with more hope. 

And the balloon grew bigger, and bigger. 

Bigger than ever before, bigger than ever imagined. 


The balloon is now stretched so thin.

I think it's going to pop.
I feel so thin.

Like I'm stretched and have no more of myself to spread thinner.
Is it because hope is about to birth something, or am I meant to burst?

I'm not quite sure.

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