Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends - Part 1

A thought came to me the other day.

"I hope I never forget the impact this person has had on my life."

Then another thought occurred to me.

"I hope this person knows how much they mean to me."

So, since I have a blog for documenting important pieces of my life, I figured there are some pretty important people in my life I would like to commemorate.

This is in no particular order, I am just starting with my most recent friend Yasemee (Yaz) because she is far, far away right now in Micronesia, learning how to become a missionary. And so I miss her and think of the wonderfulness she adds to my life that I don't get to experience on a weekly basis anymore.


This is my dear friend Yaz.

Isn't she so beautiful?

I love the expressions on her face, they are so lovely, insistent, dramatic and speak volumes, they are often accompanied by inspiration or large laughter, hers and mine.

I love her passion, whatever comes her way she either loves or hates with passion! It's contagious.

I love her hunger for God and her boldness in her faith.

I love the truth she speaks and writes, it stirs up so much emotion in me yet soothes my soul.

I love that God knit her into my heart almost from day one, because we are so alike (on the inside ;). She reminds me of me quite a few years ago. She reminds me of David with Jonathan.

I love that 14 years age difference makes no difference, and we are so compatible.

I love that she is my kind of silly and we have just as many hilarious conversations as deep spiritual ones.

I love that she's awesome at what I struggle with and she calls me Yoda :)

I love that we have the same shoe size despite the big discrepancies in the rest of our bodies, lol. (she's in really high heels in that photo). My consolation prize for living without her for a few months is babysitting some really cute shoes of hers, and her incentive to come back is my cute boots she can borrow :)

I love the lens she sees me through because it echos the truths God tells me about myself.

I love that she allows herself to be teachable, and that her heart is to please God.

I love her voice. The singing. The accents. The laughter. The synchronized surround sound screeching (with me).

I love that we can talk for hours on end and it feels like we've shared only moments, and we just about get kicked out of restaurants because of it.

I love that our relationship has so many deep relational facets, she gives me the opportunity to be a friend, a mentor, a sister, a mother, a comforter, a Yoda....etc. 

I love that she is one of my biggest cheerleaders, I know God has put her in my life at one of my lowest points of self-worth for a reason.

I love that she acts more in faith for our future children than I do sometimes.

I love how much I smile with her.

I love that our spiritual passions overlap in many places, and I look forward to facing this world with her in my life, my small group, my Church, my city, my family.

As deep cries out to deep. 

I love you Yaz!

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