Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday Blessings

What a pour out of blessings this last week, I will try to remember them all!

A friend who would rather send bday greeting early than chance not sending them by my day.

A coincidental gift of wild flowers from the farmers market.

A purposefully early bouquet of carnations.

A husband who noted things that have made me really excited lately.

A new journal! :D

A thoughtful gift, an attempt to give me a rainbow.

Another coincidental gift, a freebie from Home Run for my help bringing it to Winnipeg.

A cake, my favorite flavor, made just for me.

A phone call from mom and dad (card and gift in the mail!)

A phone call from nieces singing me happy birthday.

Another gift of flowers.

A poem, but also the gift of how someone sees me.

Many greetings throughout the day, but not just simple 'happy birthdays', genuine words of appreciation for my existence.

Birthday money spent on Etsy! Yay for jewelry!

Belated birthday greetings from people far away.

A reminder that God rejoices in this day He made, that He anticipated the day I would come into existence eagerly, and that He delights in me.

A very good birthday.

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