Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

How many times can these new (yet old) revelations just blow my mind?! This latest article about High Energy Nutrition caught my eye, hoping for the quick fix of food that will stimulate me off the couch. Not so much :) In a good way!

1. Eat until you are energized! Should have been common sense, because I'm well aware when I get to the point I know I'll need fat pants and a few hours of nothing if I eat another bite!

2. Beauty and love are food! It goes back to my emotional eating, I eat because I am not satisfied and while I know I am not hungry for food, that's what I choose to satiate my desire with anyway.  When I get that hunger, fill up on beauty and love. I recently got some great advice from my counselor/hubby who directed me similarly, instead of eating - journalling, God walks, chatting with a friend.

3. Find out what you are really hungry for! I know that when I follow a passion and let myself go unleashed, become all consumed with the project, whether it be ministry or a relationship or a creative endeavor or learning something new, I have a hunger for that and only that. I do not snack and I eat less at meals, because the time I am eating I would rather be attacking my project with 100% of myself.

4. Be more considerate of how you contribute 'nutrition' to the world verses what you want to consume. I have long considered what legacy I'm leaving, what I will be remembered for, will I have fulfilled my purpose. But I have to remember, I am still living, I am contributing to lives every day. Am I using my energy to produce a quality life that can give sustenance to others or am I consuming more energy for my own needs?

Such profound things to consider as I evaluate what true wellness means to me.

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Lori Klassen said...

Oh my, how much do I love P of E?! It affirms what I've known intuitively for years and builds on that in ways that make so much sense to me. So much more sense than the old 'calories in, calories burned' mentality. Oh, I could go on, but discovering this has been, and continues to be transformative in my approach to food.

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