Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magnificent May Long

(back dated post)
I love long weekends but this one in particular was just magnificent!

Saturday was date day with hubby, out to see The Avengers – awesome movie – and lunch, wandering around shopping and then an evening at home watching Spider-Man marathon on t.v. with a little white wine and whiskey.

Sunday was another day of dates. First out for coffee to catch up with one of our couple friends before we went to Church together, and then a quick lunch with them and another friend after Church, since I was bussing home with them anyway. ‘Bussing?’ you ask? That was because our tire had a screw in it and was leaking air rapidly and so in order for us to be able to hit the highway Monday Sean wanted it patched, which meant in order to get it done before closing my hero had to ditch Church at 12 when they opened (and already had 12 cars in line waiting with a predicted 2.5 hr wait), so I offered to bus home so I could be ready for my next date of the day…..

Which was a nice, long walk with Pam. We walked and talked for almost 3 hrs, but it was my first long walk of the season so the hips weren’t quite warmed up to that much cement walking, but the company and conversation were a great distraction – as was the chocolate smoothie. Plus, I wanted to finally be able to give her the belated birthday present I had made for her.  

Monday was our yearly family date – our Christmas present to ourselves is more time together - as well as our Mother’s Day celebration. We headed out to Steinbach on our patched tire (yay! it didn’t need replacing!) and hung out at the Mennonite Museum for the early afternoon. Most of us had some Mennonite delights for lunch, then we wandered around, checking out the windmill, the petting zoo, the old school, the candy shop, and a few other places.

Then we went home for some overdue naps, and while most of the guys ditched us to get coffee, the rest of us had some dance-offs and boxing matches courtesy of the Wii. I didn’t do too bad at dancing for my first time but I lost horribly at boxing over and over again  - my BIL and I are blaming it on the same avatar we got stuck with. And after we were pooped and the guys came back we played ‘Catch Phrase’ Mennonite style (boys against girls) and the girls whooped butt like usual.  Dad, as usual, provided the most entertainment when it was his turn to get the guys to guess the word.  I always leave these family gatherings with a sore gut from all the laughing, and this time was no exception.

Kidling highlights – my niece thanking me, again, for the bunny I gave her when she was born, 5.5 years ago!  Littlest nephew will actually try to say my name now, and Sean’s, and points to pictures identifying who we are :) cuddles with my oldest niece who is almost too big to lift up to hug! 

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