Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~ well, it's been over a month again since I did this catch up, maybe I'll have to call this Miscellany Monday Monthly! by now I've forgotten all that has happened since just before Christmas!

~ New Year's we did our usual thing and stayed in with Chinese food and video games.  we really like the low key start to a new year after the hulabaloo and chaos of Christmas gatherings for almost an entire month. plus we stay off the road where drunk driving is still way too much of a problem.

~ I tried out another version of homemade pizzas where I don't have to make the crust :) just use naan bread, or pita bread! it was really, really good! it will be nice in a pinch instead of frozen pizzas, I just have to keep naan bread in the freezer.

~  the second weekend in January, our leader at Celebrate Recovery took out our core leadership and their spouses to a 'Christmas present' dinner at The Gates! I've wanted to go there for awhile now and it did not disappoint, really delicious food and nice atmosphere. I was inspired by my maple squash soup to try and make it on my own, turns out the ladies I was with have before and gave me their recipe tips. This was my white chocolate raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

and this was someone else's lemon tort, but it was so cute I had to take a pic.
~ then at work we have 2 co-workers, Tanyss and Cam, who have babies due the same day at the end of January, so the 13th was Tanyss' last day at work. I spent most of that week putting together a double shower including gifts and planning lunch for her last day. these are the gift baskets, including scrapbooking kits I put together from my stash I'm selling off.

Yes I also made the cards in each gift basket, no I did not make the cupcakes, credit for those goes to Alex.

~ last night I made this gem I've been eyeing on Pinterest for awhile! awesome idea and soooo yummy ;)

~ the rest of January was spent finishing up the Financial Peace course at Church (I will have a blog on that soon enough :), a few visits with friends, and finishing up my meal plans so that I could finally do my big shop/cook/pack weekend.....which started last Saturday and has now turned into almost a full week. Only Thur. and Fri. weren't spent on it because I had Celebrate Recovery meetings. it's a little exhausting being on your feet that many nights in a row but I know it will be worth it for the next 22 weeks when I've got 6 days of meals planned for every one of those weeks!

~oh, and one last thing, Happy Birthday to my sister Jodi!! today is her 31st birthday.

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