Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Different Kind of Lent

This year I was challenged by my cousin Pam to try a different kind of Lent, the kind of lent where I give up 'stuff'.  Coming from a dual pack-rat heritage (mom - saves the kind of things 'you might need one day', dad - saves everything 'collectable'), I have been trying to become more and more minimalist over the last 5 years or so but I still feel like there is still way too much 'stuff' around my house I don't need or even really want, I've compulsively kept it and then wonder WHY?!

So here is the challenge I am taking up for Lent, which starts today!

First I plan to find four boxes (about banker box size) and label them "DONATE", "TRASH", "REGIFT/RECYCLE", and "SELL", which I think will make sorting much easier than in bags, and then once the boxes are full I will bag them and deal with them accordingly. I'd already kindof started because I'm really excited for this chance to purge!!  I think I'll use one of the Fly Lady tactics of "Love it or Leave it". If I don't love it then it needs to be gone. 

Now, getting rid of it on the other hand is a different question, the stuff I know someone else might love is particularily tricky.  Some things you just can't donate to Value Village or MCC, like my craft supplies.  Do you give them movies/video games? Electronic wires?  These are the things I'm already knowing I need to clean out but what to do with them?!

Watch out for some pics, and maybe even an online garage sale for my "SELL" stack ;)

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