Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ode to Friends

Friends are brave and join you at Zumba
Friends share a strange love of La Bamba
Friends drag you out of your comfort zone
Friends just know when you can't be alone
Friends will make you laugh till you split your gut
Friends know just when to compliment your butt
Friends' ties that bind are like having a twin
Friends become much more than just next of kin
Friends love joining you for 4 hour walks
Friends are with whom forever isn't enough time to talk
Friends are appreciative of the little things
Friends will lift you up until you grow wings
Friends enhance and catalyze, creating synergies
Friends are protective and outraged at your injuries
Friends recognize your true inner and outer beauty
Friends have courage to stand by you, not just duty
Friends stay close no matter how far away
Friends know what to pray for before you ask them to pray
Friends will feel your pain just as deeply as you
Friends will do anything to pull you through
Friends are naturals at planting inspirational seeds
Friends are all the therapy you'll ever need

1 comment:

Lori said...

This poem makes me think that you have many good friends. Someone who has many good friends, only has them because she is one.

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