Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fruits of the Lori

Health. Well, with my emotional eating kicking in this last month I'm lucky that I haven't gained back weight but I have gained back 2% on the fat monitor. I do think I'm turning some of that junk food calories into muscle though because I at least have made the effort to keep exercising even though I just felt like sitting on the couch and munching, and how else did all that cake NOT make me gain 10 lbs! And now that my emotions are back under my control, I'm back to eating for fuel not feelings, and after all that sugar, home grown carrots and peas taste SO good, which I'm very glad for!

Self Discovery. I've discovered lately that I'm definitely human, a human who gets selfish and petty and can't practice what she preaches. I've discovered God will let me have my temper tantrums, but I've also discovered how quickly the peace that passes understanding leaves when you don't keep focus on what is praiseworthy. And I've discovered that I learn a lot quicker than I used to, one of the good things about aging is the wisdom that usually accompanies that.

Self Discipline. Part of feeling sorry for yourself is avoiding people and things that will tell you to snap out of it, including God, so in other words I was very disciplined in NOT reading my Bible. I've fallen quite a bit behind now because of that. However, I do give myself some credit because I'm still farther along than I have been in years, and I was avoiding for reasons other than disintrest in fact I've had a renewed interest lately and am looking forward to diving back into His Word.
I also didn't talk to Him very much, not only about my situation but I didn't feel like praying for other people's problems either. I attempted to start a prayer journal, as I mentioned last time I wanted to, but didn't get very far. Once again though I have friends who's need for prayer is greater than my need to be self-absorbed....and I think I'm over it on with it I get.
SD with food and sugar, ha. Nuf said.

Consideration. I'd consiously decided not to let my internal become external, I didn't want to burden anyone or have anyone get the wrong impression, an exercise of consideration in and of itself I guess. Of course I was also getting quite inconsiderate, in my mind only, of other people's problems and maybe missed some opportunities to be a considerate friend. Luckily no one has told me that's actually true, and those who have needed my friendship continue to come to me as a friend they can count on. Just so happens I finally get over myself and my prayers and advice are needed again, good timing to get my focus off myself again :)

I feel like I've done a 'one (or even two) steps back' this month but it's only made me that much more determined to gain that ground back and more!

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