Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Not Goodbye

So, I've been mulling over the idea of ending this blog for awhile now.

It's not that I don't want a place to share my life and insights.

It's not that I've out grown the platform. Maybe some of the types of posts, but I still love blogs.

It's not even that life is too busy. Well, it's a little that I'm too busy. :)

It's more that I'm already sharing my life and insights so much more in person now, it feels redundant to come here and write it out after I've already told so many people.

It's more that I'm already writing journals for school, writing essays for school, writing posts for my infertility support group, and soon I'll also be writing posts for my Personal Coaching web page as well. I'm already writing. A.LOT.

It's more that I am beginning to think of collecting my insights for a book and feel like my efforts would be best channeled straight into the book rather than having several personal writing avenues.

There may be a few other reasons to stop, and there are a few reasons to stay, but right now this where I feel I am at. So as of December 31, just over eight years after I started this blog, I will say goodbye to Lori In His Hands, but not to you!  Who knows what the future holds, maybe a different blog, maybe a different format all together, but for the most part I think those of you who follow me know where you can find me, and this is not goodbye :)

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