Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire.

This was the basis for my first bit of inspiration about my next tattoo, back in about 2008. My heart had been reignited, it was back on fire for God.

I wanted it on my 'sleeve', tattoo talk for arm, because I have always 'worn my heart on my sleeve'.

As I mentioned briefly in this post, it represents that I feel things deeply, what is imprinted on my heart burns with a deep passion, and I am on fire for those passions planted in my heart.

When I had my consultation I asked for a few things to create the impression I wanted to make, all colour, an ethereal fiery & smokey feel, and if possible, the flames to form an S & L for Sean and Lori.

I've seen my tattoos as a way to tell my testimony creatively and beautifully, an extension of my artist heart. I love when my initial tattoo inspiration grows and becomes so multi-dimensional in significance to me.  I was so excited for this tattoo, and my artist was too.

Then the waiting began.

And as I waited more of my story was unfolding.

God was growing my heart, my passions, the fire.

And my ability to feel deeply moved deeper to the very core of my being, my empathy and emotions grew in a way I knew I was created to feel.

Not only was the significance of my heart on fire tattoo deepening every day, it was being added to.

As I wrote in that same post, it became a reminder of who I want to be, who I think God is calling me to be.

As I wrote in this post, it even became to tied to my story of wanting to be a mother.

And then it was finally time. And when I first saw the art before it was on me, I was blown away. Once again, it was like my artist was inside my mind. This happened before with my butterfly tattoo, but it still shocked me that it could happen again.

I know it is a 'God is an artist' thing. God created my tattoo artist to be SO talented in this way, and whether she knows him or not, I know he had a hand in creating this tattoo for me.

The thing that blew me away the most was the watercolour effect she used. I had actually just been dreaming of a new tattoo that could incorporate that, and now I had one. 

Another cool thing was how a flame lick connected with the "L" flame lick to create a cross.

Almost 5 hours later, I was just about the end of my pain threshold, and my artist said, she could go as long as I could. That my skin seemed meant for tattooing. And that with this tattoo in particular, she could just keep going, she was enjoying the creative process so much, constantly inspired to add little details, it was so enjoyable for her. My pain had to stop her enjoyment :)

It wasn't until a week or so later I realized the biggest significance this tattoo now represents to me. And God knew it all along, because he knew my design that I had in mind would reflect a conversation I would have with him five years in the future. 

Where he showed me he created me like a painting, taking the paint brush and dipping it into his heart to get the colours to create me. And how he spoke over me, "Just like you can't stop fussing over your favorite creation, you just can't be done working with it because it's too wonderful a feeling, you never want to stop, that's how I feel about you."

Everything about this tattoo is the story of how and why God made me. 

Etched in my heart and on my sleeve forever.

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