Monday, March 4, 2013

Best Things in Life - Anniversary Edition

10 best things (in no particular order) about our 10th anniversary vow renewal celebration!

1. Save a few long distance loved ones, all of the most important people in our life all in one room celebrating with us. It was so nice for all of our circles to meet, and to see the ways they overlap, and the bonds developing amongst our loved ones.

2. Also, our guests were beyond generous with words of encouragement, affirmation, inspiration, love and even gifts (so not necessary, but such a blessing!). Thank you!

3. Favorite gifts: bacon (yes, real bacon!) and this is our reaction to opening it.
 and these lovely drawings from my nieces and nephew (really, every gift was so appreciated!)
(not this nephew, the older one :)

4. Amazing dessert spread by the most talented ladies, and dear friends, who went above and beyond to bless us and make our celebration special. They even surprised us with bacon brownies! If you ever need something catered, I have the ladies for you!

5. Our pastor, and friend, and Sean's mentor, Duane's inspiring and insightful ceremony, who spoke about the very themes Sean and I individually selected for our vows.What a great reminder of what love should be and can accomplish.

6. Our vows. Written completely independent of one another and yet we took the same theme from the exact same song! The rest of our vows were also heavily song inspired, but we still made each other cry. And laugh. I had to include something about bacon, little did I know it would become a mini-theme for our day!

7. Keeping it simple but lovely.

8. Surprise song Sean arranged with our friend Steve. He had Steve, and his wife, my good friend Kristi, re-work the song God Gave Me You and then Steve performed it right after Sean's vows, sneaking behind me on to stage so I didn't know until Sean was turning me around and he started to play.

9. How much our love impacts those around us. They cried with us, they laughed with us, they were filled with hope, they were inspired, they were blessed, they were encouraged, they were overjoyed. The ripple effect of our humbling.

10. Committing my life to my amazing husband all over again, remembering why I love him and why he's my best friend, and looking forward to a life time of love.

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