Wednesday, November 14, 2012

48 days until....

No, not Christmas. That is 41 days.

Nope, it's 48 days until it's no longer 2012.

I'm ready for the year to be over.

The year Sean got badly bit by a dog.

The year my aunt's (mom's sister) kidneys shut down and had to start dialysis, had complications, got septic, is now almost blind.

The year my mom had her heart attack.

The year my uncle (husband of mom's other sister) died of cancer, after only a few weeks of notice and lots of pain.

The year my mother-in-law also starts getting unexplainable chest pains.

The year so many of my friends have had their loved ones die suddenly.

One of my best friends is experiencing sudden and extreme fatique as well as numbness in her body. So far tests have come back 'clear' and a hastened neurologist appointment didn't find anything, which in this situation is not good.

Then my sister Jodi has an attack of pain early Tuesday morning (she has had these acid build up pains for  years, that usually come every so often and last a couple of hours), that lasted longer than usual and so she went to the hospital where they gave her morphine for a couple more hours. Turns out she has gall stones now as well. She is waiting for a surgeon referral and a scope, so that hopefully they can find more than they did the last time they looked into it 11 years ago.

And that is just the physical pain. So many of my loved ones are experiencing afflictions of varying kinds and degrees this year! What's stranger still is that outside of the pain in the lives of those surrounding me, my life has been so uplifting, hopeful and full of promise this year. I feel like I'm in the eye of a hurricane, it is eerily calm and peaceful.

I don't know if I can blame it on 2012, but I certainly am hoping 2013 brings more joy and less pain than 2012 did.

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